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How it Works

How it Works

Features of Clevert


Remain Completely Anonymous

Follow and chat anonymously with the Publishers.


Click/Scan and Connect

Connect with your favorites with a click/Scan.


Real Time Notifications

Get notified about the latest deals and offers on real time basis.

Manage Subscriptions

Manage what you follow

Get posts from the followed brands.View feeds & saved posts of your followed at one place.

Easy Engagement

Easy Engagement

Engage with your favorite posts with easy like, chat and sharing options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the channels icon and you can start searching by typing in your favorite channel in the search bar. You will also find other channels listed on the same page in case you wish to explore other channels.
No. We are a pure privacy centric platform and do not keep or control our users data.
Click on the Settings icon and then go to Saved Posts, you will find all the posts that you have saved.
You can add Clevert to your phone without downloading anything. Open Chrome Settings, Click on add to homescreen and Choose Yes.

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You are being tracked !

Google and all the famous Social Media Sites are tracking all your online activities, all the time. While Google does it to show you advertisements you might be interested in, but you can also be tracked by Cyber Criminals which can result in harm or serious breach of privacy.Here is how you can prevent being tracked:

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